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Mondial will be present to the next exhibition MECSPE to Bologna – fair of reference for the manufacturing industry – from 29 to 31 March.

We are waiting for you: Hall 30 – F71 to present you the most innovative applications on the automation and mechatronics front:


The ideal solution for all handling, manipulation and assembly operations dedicated to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food or electromechanical packaging. Structured in a modular way, it has a central machine body, which is integrated with any type of machining station, from 6 up to 20, in the catalog configurations and can manage more than 80 servo axes. The stations work both in synchronous and asynchronous mode, ensuring very high performance and extremely fast movements, also thanks to the independence of the trolleys. During the fair, the different possible declinations will be illustrated.


HepcoMotion's GFX system for Beckhoff XTS
This year Mondial exhibits Hepco's GFX system for Beckhoff XTS at MECSPE in Bologna: an ideal solution for the packaging sector, characterized by high speeds, large volumes and minimal maintenance. The HepcoMotion GFX guidance system was used for the Beckhoff XTS eXtended conveyor system, a key element of the plant. Distributed in Italy by Mondial, linear motion specialist HepcoMotion collaborated with Beckhoff to create special versions of its PRT2 and 1-Trak guide systems adapted to Beckhoff XTS. The implemented solution fully satisfies the needs of XTS applications ensuring higher performance, with motion profiles and long-term durability requirements, for the most demanding companies

XTS Beckhoff HepcoMotion
The XTS - eXtended Transport System - is an innovative system that allows machine manufacturers to build reliable, fast and extremely adaptive Industry 4.0 plants. The system combines the advantages of rotary and linear motors, managed through a fully electronic control:

• Extremely simplified mechanics, which minimizes the need for maintenance interventions;
• Control through industrial PC, without mechanical constraints;
• Modular motor modules, with various radii of curvature, equipped with an arbitrary number of passive magnetic movers;
• High performance HepcoMotion guide system;
• Free movements of the movers over the entire development, centesimal positioning and speeds up to 4 m/s.




MLM7N linear axis with independent movers equipped with Beckhoff motor
The new Mondial MLM7N linear axis with Beckhoff motor was born from the need to manage a large number of carriages in relation to the ratio between stroke and reduced overall dimensions as well as the need for a solid structure. The advantage of the linear motor with passive magnetic movers is the rigidity and load capacity of the recirculating ball guide system: in fact, each mover is equipped with a double recirculating ball slide that works on parallel guides. There is also a brake option for maintaining a stable position. Positioning precision and repeatability are guaranteed by direct measuring systems. The Beckhoff control software allows for very simple programming and includes collision checking to ensure reliability of the MONDIAL axis in every work phase.


The Gruppo Mondial presents the innovative DATAFLEX system by KTR, the demo that allows you to measure a generic power transmission with signal reading by the DATAFLEX torsiometer. The application diagram is composed of a gearmotor which activates the entire unit at about 60 rpm, a KTR torque limiter of the SYNTEX NC type which activates and locks permanently, the RADEX type multi-disc transmission coupling NC, by the DATAFLEX torque meter which measures the torque peaks of the SYNTEX and by the proximity sensor which, when activated, shows the reaction on the screen. The modern technology of the DATAFLEX KTR makes it possible to measure four parameters simultaneously: torque, speed, torsion angle and direction of rotation. The measurement is made using wire strain gauges, combined with electronic components inside state-of-the-art. The torque signals are processed contactlessly by the sensor with a high 24-bit resolution achieving an accuracy of 0.1% of the final value. The application areas of the DATAFLEX torque transducer are endless: it can be used in machine monitoring, process control and test bench technology. During the MECSPE fair, the Mondial Group team will be happy to show you the entire range of KTR products and the related fields of application. in process control and test bench technology. During the MECSPE fair, the Mondial Group team will be happy to show you the entire range of KTR products and the related fields of application. in process control and test bench technology. During the MECSPE fair, the Gruppo Mondial team will be happy to show you the entire range of KTR products and the related fields of application.


The exhibition demo of Eco Electric cylinders is intended to showcase their highlights. In particular, the news will be presented 5 in deferred configuration. Thanks to the rod and the internal guide system, this application gives rigidity and stability even in harsh conditions, where unwanted radial loads and bending moments can arise. The news 5, made of carbon steel with Ø100mm chromed pusher rod, polished and guided throughout the stroke, develops a maximum force of 90000N. The high-load synchronous belt drive is reinforced with low-noise HTD pattern fiber.



RTB ABS Unitec

The Unitec RTB ABS bearing is an innovative and performing bearing, equipped with an integrated absolute angular measurement system with inductive encoder. This bearing is characterized by the real-time acquisition of the absolute position, by the reading head with integrated electronics and by the possibility of integrating with different interfaces. It returns the best positioning value without being affected by the presence of impurities or magnetic fields, eliminating the need to install external position sensors. The transmission becomes more compact and lighter, ensuring the definition of the rotation angle with higher and more reliable precision. It has a very high degree of stiffness and a very high rolling accuracy. Dedicated to all machine tool applications, RTB ABS bearings are the ideal solution for installations with direct-drive motors, especially rotary tables or milling heads. RTB ABS is part of the range of axial-radial roller bearings for RTB indexing tables which also includes the RTB AMS versions, with integrated inductive encoder and RTB HS for high rotation speeds.


CSC Bearings

Fast delivery times, low minimum quantities, and customized bearing designs are always possible at CSC. These include special seals, customer-specific materials, a variety of different greases as well as more complex adjustments such as individual ring shapes or special contact angles for angular contact ball bearings. CSC produce bearings with low noise level, reduced friction and maximum efficiency to contribute to more energy-saving applications.


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